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Brass Note Ceremony tomorrow morning @ Ground Zero

April 7, 2009

This post from Ken Hall on the Memphis Connections site is great. Don’t miss the Brass Note ceremony tomorrow at Ground Zero Blues Club at 10:00am.

Musical Heritage in Brass Notes Along Sidewalk

by Ken Hall

Memphis music is legendary and how we celebrate and commemorate it is often uniquely done, from candlelight vigils and museums to driving tours and festivals. Concrete evidence of such commemoration has been embedded in the sidewalks of Beale Street since 1986; 77 brass notes engraved with the names of musicians, promoters, and key supporters of Memphis music have been placed thus far. On Wednesday, April 8, a press conference will be held at Ground Zero Blues Club to announce 14 new honorees. This broad array of talents – singers, a disc jockey, a record producer – shows a roughly 100 year swath of our area musical history. They include Gus Cannon & Cannon’s Jug Stompers, Will Shade & The Memphis Jug Band, Corey Osborn, Little Laura Dukes, Skip Pitts, Jimmie Lunceford (pictured above, hear a song “Mixup”), Dewey Phillips, The Honeymoon Garner Trio, Chips Moman, Rosco Gordon, R. L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Fred McDowell, and Otha Turner. Each of these have fascinating stories accompanying their talents. This should be of interest not only to our tourists along Beale, but also to local music lovers. Next time you are strolling down Beale, look down from time to time and see the names which have made our music world famous.

See clip on all the honorees.

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