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Snowglobe, Paul Taylor grow tired of teasing $5 Cover fans with musical brilliance, release new albums

May 27, 2009

If you tuned into the May 15th episode of MTV’s $5 Cover, there is a good chance a certain act caught your eye. You might have been wondering “Who in the hell is this ‘Snowglobe’ band?” and “Where can I find that song?”

Well, look no further. Snowglobe’s single is called “Nothing I Can Do” and is available, along with other songs from $5 Cover, on Snowglobe’s new EP : No Need to Light a Night Light on a Night Like Tonight.

The EP will hopefully tide the masses over while the band readies their full-length, due out later in the year.  The disc includes two songs featured in $5 Cover, “Ms. June” and “Nothing I Can Do.”

If you saw last week’s episodes, then you were probably wondering the same thing about Paul Taylor, who regularly drums for Amy LaVere. In Paul’s episode, “Multi-Instrumentalist”, he demonstrates his uncanny ability to play virtually any instrument put in front of him.

Paul Taylor’s Share It! and Snowglobe’s No Need To Light A Night Light On A Night Like Tonight were released Tuesday, May 26th via Makeshift Music.

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