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Get More Gigs Workshop Recap!

June 5, 2009

The Memphis Music Foundation hosted their “Get More Gigs” workshop on Saturday, May 30th, featuring New Daisy talent buyer and owner Mike Glenn, booking agent Hunter Williams (R.E.M. , Widespread Panic) and concert promoter Barry Leff of Beaver Productions. The workshop was a conversation between the guest speakers and MMF moderator Cameron Mann that aimed at educating new and established artists in professional practices that would help them to increase the quantity and quality of gigs received.  Each speaker, representing a different part of the booking process, gave their expert advice on topics that ranged from developing a strong local presence to tour booking to band-to-promoter etiquette.  Other topics discussed were the importance of building a community of followers through social networking as well as smart touring, routing, and proper advancing of press and production prior to gigs. The well attended event signaled a keen desire amongst Memphis musicians that more stage time is what they are after. The session didn’t provide just educational offerings but enticed many artists eager to get face to face with local Memphis music’s high society.

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