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8Ball & MJG honored at the Urban Network Summit

June 16, 2009

Memphis artists 8Ball & MJG were honored at the 21st annual Urban Network Music-Entertainment & Marketing Summit in Memphis, Tennessee last Saturday.

“Just getting to be honored is a blessing. 8Ball & MJG don’t get nothing,” 8 Ball jokingly told “They finally gave us something, ” said MJG.

On a more serious note, 8Ball said that the honor by The Urban Network was made that much more special because they were honored in the presence of other Memphis greats such as Al Bell (former chairman & co-owner of Stax Records), Willie Mitchell (Grammy-winning producer for Al Green) and radio icon Bobby O’Jay.

“Them boys are pioneers. Just to be spoken in the same breath as those cats [is an honor.] Willie Mitchell is Stax Music. Did a lot for Memphis.” MJG said, “Willie Mitchell is a cool mother f***er with a cool a** sound.”

Few groups have been as criminally overlooked on a national scale as 8Ball & MJG, but now that the group has been signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle label, they expect to see the recognition that recognizes their ability.

“We stay working. The album will be out in October. Just [letting] all the haters know it’s for real. 8Ball & MJG is now Grand ‘Muscle.'”

For more about 8Ball, MJG, and their comments on Bad Boy and T.I.’s Jail sentence, check out the original article on

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