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MRC Birthday Party Featured Artist: Teflon Don / Young Producer Kriss

June 25, 2009

Teflon Don began his musical career writing and producing his own songs at the age of 16. At 18 he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and serve his country in the United States Army. While stationed in Fort Hood, Texas, he continued to make music producing songs for I&I Records. He was soon deployed to Iraq, and it was there he earned the nickname “Teflon” Don because he took his bullet proof vest everywhere he went–even the bathroom! Upon completion of his tour of duty, Teflon returned home to Memphis, TN, more determined than ever to see his dreams of making and performing music come to fruition. He released his first album, Life of A Struggler, in 2006 .

The Don of Hip Hop been going strong ever since, opening for such acts as B.G., Lil Jon, Magnificent and others. Then in 2008, he entered the Showcase & Industry Networking Event and won, solidifying his ability to dominate on stage and bring his branfd of straight-from-the-heart music to life. Teflon Don is closer than ever to achieving star status with the release of his sophomore album God, Government and The Game in May of 200
9 on his label, Soul Star Entertainment.

His accomplice at the MRC birthday party will be Young Producer Kriss, a Producer/DJ/Rapper with talent bey ond her years. Teflon Don was so impressed by her work that he personally reccomended thatshe be included with him on the bill. Having done most of her work in Georgia, she is eager to impress in her hoetorn and looks forward to taking the stage this Friday!

Come seewhat all the buzz is about tommorrow evening at the Memphis MRC One-Year birthday party!

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