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Seth Green celebrates by attending a Lord T and Eloise show

July 20, 2009

Memphis-based Lord T and Eloise have drawn the admiration of more than their share of celebrities over the years,  among them Paris Hilton and Ellen DeGeneres.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the richest men in the world have drawn the eye of Hollywood actor/funnyman/nerd supreme, the man behind Cartoon Network’s wildly popular Robot Chicken series, Mr. Seth Green.

Green was recently nominated for an Emmy and, when asked to describe his feelings on the nod,  gave the following quote:

“For me, it’s so validating for our team who work super hard on our show that is by all accounts a shortform ad-sponsored cable show. So it’s really exciting to get nominated for anything, especially the straight-up Emmy,” said Green, who planned to celebrate by going to see Lord T and Eloise, an “aristocrunk group of intergalactic travelers who are the richest men in the universe and are coming to save our planet. They are prophets of rap music who are in Los Angeles. I have to go!”

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