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TuneCore Partners With eHealth To Offer Musicians Health Insurance Resources & Options

November 12, 2009

Tunecore has partnered with to help musicians compare insurance options. While the eHealthInsurance comparison engine is opened to everyone, the two company’s have created a dedicated hotline to help answer questions specifically from musicians. Artists can also access the information online.

180 health insurance carriers are represented in the offering. In addition, TuneCore and eHealth have collaborated to create a free informational pdf: The TuneCore Music Industry Survival Manual: Information on Healthcare for Musicians.

From the press release:

“Our goal at TuneCore is to provide musicians with the information and education they need to do everything it takes to be a musician including things like mic’ing a guitar, distributing their music, learning about copyrights, marketing and promoting themselves on-line and – now  having the basic information they need to understand health insurance,” says Price. “I partnered with eHealth because, quite frankly, they’re the best company I’ve ever worked with when it comes to explaining how health insurance works. They’ve also demonstrated a commitment to being an advocate for consumers by providing tips, advice and answers to frequently asked questions. They’re the largest online marketplace for health insurance on the web, hands down, with over 10,000 high-quality health insurance products available.”

“eHealth is committed to helping Americans get the health coverage they need, which is why we’ve partnered with hundreds of affiliates like TuneCore to help deliver high-quality health insurance products and services to their unique constituent groups,” said Bruce Telkamp eHealth’s Executive Vice President of Business and Corporate Development. “TuneCore provides an outstanding, unique service to musicians, and has established itself as a trusted resource in that community. We’re honored to be partnering with a trusted and well-respected service provider like TuneCore.”
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