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New species of bird, which lived 71 to 7

January 8, 2010

New species of bird, which lived 71 to 75 million years ago, has been named after MMF/MRC members Lucero

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  1. Nyx permalink
    January 12, 2010 10:41 pm

    Have you heard of this guy?

    I made a comment back on 7/23/08 since then lyle has cut off all
    communication with me. he has close to 2 grand of my money and
    basically just proved to me he is an untrustworthy piece of crap. I
    urge Premier guitar not to delete this as a reminder to others to stay
    away from this guy. He has had my money since 2007 for a custom amp he
    was building for me and 6 others. We all got screwed. Dont beleive me
    go check out any gear forum these days or google his name and all will
    be revealed

    Apparently, he did steal money and even amps and rack effects from
    guys that sent him things a long time ago ? Doesn’t he have some kind
    of company ? Can he still be allowed to manage a company after he is
    convicted for theft across state lines ? If his company is officialy
    declared bankrupt, can he just create a new one right after that
    without kind of legal problems ?

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