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What You Should Know (and Didn’t) About Roxanne Shanté

April 5, 2010

“Memphis gives me a musical and spiritual rejuvenation,” Roxanne Shanté said when she visited the MRC last week.  In town for the Old School 80’s Hip Hop Party featuring Big Daddy Kane, Dana Dane, and Chubb Rock at Minglewood Hall on Friday, Shanté made a special appearance at the MRC for our Backstage Pass Event.   A lot of what Roxanne had to say may surprise you, like the fact that the rapper’s first publishing royalty check was from a country song.  At just 16, Shanté wrote her first country song, “C.O.D,” which became a Stevie Ray Vaughan hit.  Also, the uncensored rapper has a big heart.  Not only is she an entrepreneur, but she is also a big supporter of her community.  She opened an ice cream shop and hired “at risk youth” and first offenders to give opportunities to the members of her community that they might not otherwise recieve.

MRC member Skewby attended the workshop, afterward referring to Roxanne as “a great person that just happens to be a Hip Hop pioneer.”

In case you missed our event, here are some other things about Roxanne worth knowing:

  • She knew Nas before he was famous, referring to him as an “old soul”
  • She always wanted to battle Kool Moe Dee
  • Grand Wizard Theodore, who invented the scratch, is her DJ
  • She hangs with Biz Markie and has travelled with DJ Shorty and Eternia
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