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Pick up tips from The Artist’s Guide and give back to the Music Foundation

May 24, 2010

Artist's Guide to Success in the Music BusinessWe’d like to introduce you to our friend Loren Weisman. He’s recently written a book called The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business, a fantastic resource for musicians at any stage in their career development. He’s an accomplished producer and musician and he’s earned a pretty special place in our hearts — for every copy of The Artist’s Guide sold, he’s sending 25 percent to the Memphis Music Foundation.

The only catch is that you need to order by June 16. The book costs $19.95, which means for every purchase almost $5 will come back to the Music Foundation! It’s a huge chunk of change and amazingly generous of Loren. You can soak up some serious knowledge about furthering your career and support Memphis music. This is a major win-win.

Here’s a little snippet of what Loren had to say about the book:

“My advice is both inside and outside the box. It’s not an ego-driven rant, but a delivery system of information and insight gathered throughout my career, which has spanned almost two decades of unprecedented change in the music industry. It is the kind of book that will be found in practice spaces, in instrument cases, in recording studios, and on the bedside table. This is not a reference book to be read on rare occasions but a guide to be constantly consulted. Every minuscule detail is not addressed, but the broad spectrum of ideas, applications, and methods is laid out in a solid blueprint form.”

You can read more about the book — including some early reviews — and order your own copy right here. Don’t hesitate! Loren’s generous offer ends June 16.

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