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Putting the Beat in Memphis Beat

June 15, 2010

With just one week to go until its debut, you probably already know about the new TNT series Memphis Beat. But what you might not know is just how authentic that beat will be.

We’re excited to announce that Memphis musicians will have a starring role in the new detective drama, because their talent will be heard at the beginning of every episode in the show’s opening credits. The song is called — can you guess? — “Memphis Beat,” a Jerry Lee Lewis tune that has been rerecorded and revamped by an amazing roster of Memphis musicians, under the guidance of bluesman/producer Keb Mo.

It all started when Gary Belz, a native Memphian and owner of several recording studios nationwide, called Skip McQuinn, the studio manager at Young Avenue Sound and asked him to put together a session with Keb Mo to create music for the show.

With Keb on guitar, Skip put together an amazing crew of Memphis musicians to contribute to the track and create a rich, original Memphis sound.

The Memphis artists on the track include:

Neil Jones – Bass guitar

Yvette “Baby girl” Pryor – Drums

Derrick Jackson – Organ and piano

Steve Bethany – Guitar

Jim Spake –Tenor Sax

Ben Cauley – Trumpet

Curtis Smothers – Baritone Sax

Scott Thompson – Trumpet

Deon Lofton – Organ and Piano

We’ve got our fingers crossed that this will be just the beginning of a great partnership between local musicians and the production team behind Memphis Beat. With just seven days until the premiere, we’ll be counting down every day through Facebook and Twitter, and we invite you to join us. This is a fantastic opportunity for Memphis music to bask in the national spotlight. While the show might not be filmed on our soil, at least it’ll have a little bit of our soul!

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