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MGA Gospel Corner

December 17, 2010

Here’s some more information about the How Sweet the Sound™ Choir Boot Camp Featuring Donald Lawrence featured in this week’s MGA Gospel Corner in the newsletter!

Church music is all about chemistry and putting together a connected choir that pulls in the congregation and unifies the church in a way no other form of worship can do. The How Sweet the Sound Boot Camp workshops have been designed to help you give your best to your music ministry and get the best from those who are involved in it with you.

Workshop 1: Pulling the Best from your Choir

Everything you need to know about choirs—from grouping choir sections by vocal range, choosing the right songs, highlighting your strengths with inspirational subject matter for your members, to working with the talent available while remaining positive and spirited through the process.

Workshop 2: The Gifting of Music

In your music ministry, how can you remember that the gift of music is a way of keeping true to the spirit of God’s gift to you? This workshop will show you how the use of unified voices in the singing of praises and faith can enhance the choir’s output and fulfill the expectations of the congregation.

Workshop 3: Songwriting/Arranging

Learn and perfect specific techniques for achieving powerful songs of praise, as well as musical and vocal arrangements that will increase the sound quality of your choir. Become adept at putting a sermon to song, and more.

Workshop 4: Choir Ministry beyond the walls of your church

Learn to expand your music ministry with the testimony of how music and life are one. Gospel music is a lifestyle, something more than what we practice once a week in church. Hear about extending your music ministry to benefit the community with outreach that uplifts those in need and get assistance and advice in creating opportunities for your choir.

Workshop 5: The Business of Music

Tips and advice on counsel and management, legal concerns, publishing, artist and songwriting contract concerns; advice on getting your songs to the right audiences, on gospel radio or into retail stores; the best studios and production tools.

Workshop 6: The Highest of Praise

Praise groups are a unique part of many music ministries. These niche groups may require different song arrangements and music selections. Learn how to build the right combination of chemistry and harmony regardless of technical skill or size.

Workshop 7: Production

A technical look at the elements within production that go beyond just performing the song. We’ll discuss sound quality, tonality, mixing, harmonizing, audio combinations and sound insulating your stage area for performing.

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