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MML: Checking in on team progress

April 9, 2011

At dinner tonight we got a progress report from all the teams to get an idea of what they’d been able to accomplish thus far and where they still needed to fill in holes. Most teams have completed a track or just have finishing touches to put on with one recording block each under their belts, and some have actually managed to squeeze in a second (or even third) track, too.

One of our eight finalists, Sibella, has already laid down three tracks and is planning on getting cracking on a few more tonight. Midnight Special finished recording one song in their morning recording block, and they’re looking to mix and cut one or two more tracks in their second block tonight. They’ve also done some photography for their press kit and started consulting with legal and marketing experts that we have on-hand throughout the Launch Weekend.

Go Judo and his team have tracked lead vocals and will put on finishing touches and do mixing work tomorrow, and across the hall in the opposite recording rig is Butta MD, who only has lead and backing vocals to finish tomorrow with all the instruments tracked this morning.

CJ Tate and his team were recording drums when I stopped in to see how things were going, and CJ was killing it (with awesome sound thanks to Jason Gillespie of Ardent Studios). They’ve got a list of things to get done yet in their remaining recording time but their marketing plan is in full swing — they’ve done a photo and video shoot already.

Delts Connection completely finished recording their song today and plan to use the rest of their recording time to mix, but they’ve also got a great foot forward in the marketing department already — a web site ready to launch and social media, as well.

Pat 24/7 and his group finished the hook of their song today and just have two verses yet to complete, and the guys of Arvada are rocking through their track with a solid plan to back it up, including videography and graphic design being done by members of their team on-site.

As you can tell, tons of ground has already been covered by these artists and it’s only 8:30 on Saturday night. We’re excited to see what the rest of the weekend holds. Stay tuned for more!

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