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Memphis Music Launch: counting down the days already

April 27, 2011

It’s been another busy week for our Memphis Music Launch finalists, and thanks to the handy countdown clock here in the Music Resource Center we can tell you that there are 72 days left until the MML Showcase at the New Daisy Theatre. But who’s counting, right? I’ll tell you who: these artists. Let’s see what they’ve been up to since we checked in last.


ButtaMD is already looking at the big picture — she’s working on everything from her image to her promotions plan to her sound as we speak. In just the past week, she’s met with image and wardrobe professionals to start brainstorming her brand moving forward into the Showcase, and she’s working with a marketing executive to build ideas for the charitable giving portion of her plan for “Brighter Day.” She’s even looking past the Showcase, talking with venues about potential shows following the July 8 performance and setting up a Kickstarter campaign to fund her endeavors.

Delta Collective

You can catch Delta Collective at the Levitt Shell on Tuesday, May 10, as part of Bristerfest — and scoring that gig is just a small piece of what they’ve been working on since MML weekend. They’re practicing together once a week and meeting outside rehearsals to work on song ideas as they start to build their catalog. They’ve seen some great results with social media, as well, hitting almost 140 Facebook fans and more than 330 views on “Valley of Kings” on YouTube since the video was posted April 9. You can also now purchase “Valley of Kings” online — just click here!


It’s all business for Arvada in the first few weeks after the Launch Weekend, as they’ve created a publishing company, secured credit card point-of-sale swipers for mobile merchant services connected to the iPhone and set up a Google Voice number for the band: 901-654-RVAD. They’re also designing lights, working on treatments for music videos and retracking guitars, bass and vocals at Memphis Mix Room with Launch Weekend team member Leo Goff. They’ve also continued to develop their web site (click here to check it out) and get associated e-mail accounts set up in addition to more on the visually creative end, like scheduling video shoots.

Go Judo Presents: Sunny Uppercut

After a great marketing and promotions planning meeting, the members of what is now officially known as Sunny Uppercut (a Go Judo production, of course!) are getting the ball rolling on their web presence and overall web strategy. They’re currently setting up a Facebook fan page and a Twitter handle, which will be linked here as soon as they’re available. They’re fine-tuning the music, too, working on remixing (not to be confused with making “a remix”) of “Grocery Store,” the single that earned them their slot in the final four. They’re also writing new songs and getting ready for their time in the studio.

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