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Memphis Music Launch: In the studio

June 29, 2011

The Memphis Music Launch finalists have all completed their respective 10 hours of studio time and they’re in home-stretch mode as the Showcase draws closer. With less than two weeks to go, here’s a peek into the studios (Ardent Studios, Archer’s Music+Arts and The Grove) with The Delta Collective, Butta MD and Go Judo Presents: Sunny Uppercut.

Curry Weber, Ardent engineer, makes an adjustment as The Delta Collective's Chris Wilhite listens to the playback.

The Delta Collective's Marcela Pinilla tracks vocals in Ardent's Studio A.

The Delta Collective discusses a possible change before Marcela heads back into the booth.

At Archer's Music+Arts studio, engineer Daniel Lynn works on Butta MD's recording of 'Brighter Day.'

One of Butta MD's back-up singers tracks vocals for 'Brighter Day.'

Butta MD herself takes a break to show off the MML Showcase poster.

Roslyn hits the keys during the Sunny Uppercut recording session at The Grove.

CC Hill tracks vocals for the Sunny Uppercut single.

A shot of Sunny Uppercut's recording space at The Grove.

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