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Indie Memphis Music Films

November 3, 2011
Now entering its 14th year, Indie Memphis connects and inspires indie filmmakers and film-lovers through the unique creative landscape that is the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The organization’s annual Indie Memphis Film Festival utilizes Memphis’ rich cultural history to serve as a connecting point for Regional Filmmakers from all corners of the country and provides a showcase for Southern film-making, specifically highlighting the work of Memphis filmmakers. The Memphis Music Foundation once again is a partner in the festival. We value the relationship between music and film- music gives film mood and setting while film offers awareness and diversification of income musicians. Be sure to check out the music related films like the Jay Reatard biopic, Mission Control with Music Resource Center members Black Rock Revival or the highly anticipated Replacements inspired flick Losers Take All.
Wonder Year       Thursday November 3 @ 9:30 at Studio on the SquareThis film is follows a man known as 9th Wonder. It gives a detailed behind-the-scenes viewpoint as he balances his life as a CEO, NAACP ambassador, professor at Duke University, GRAMMY award winning producer, husband, father, and son.
Losers Take All
Losers Take All is a comedy in which following “The Fingers,” a fictional punk-pop band inspired by The Replacements. In 1986, “The Fingers” were riding a bumpy rollercoaster, slipping up and stammering their way in the exact opposite direction of predominant fame. They are faced with the out of the ordinary “big break” of perpetrating the topmost indie rock sin: selling out. They ask themselves multiple  questions and find themselves confused between the decision to become mainstream or stay true to indie rock.

Better than Something: Jay Reatard                      Saturday November 5 @ 10:00pm   Playhouse on the Square
“Better Than Something: Jay Reatard” may be the best rock doc since “Dig” – IFC News. The enigmatic punk rocker gets a posthumous profile. This film is a forlorn, cheerful, and inspiring documentary about a  young man who died just at the point of him overcoming his demons. This film is a combination of interviews with astounding performance footage dating back to Reatard’s teenage years. “Better Than Something” traces Reatard’s morph from the heedless rage from his adolescence to a point that equates to peacefulness as he got older.

Stepping: Beyond the Line    Saturday November 5 @ 11:15 Studio on the Square
Explore the art of “stepping” in an original documentary by Dr. Dee Garceau, professor of history at Rhodes College. The film highlights current practices and stepping rituals through the eyes of students in the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the umbrella organization for historically black sororities and fraternities. MRC member Steve Selvidge is the soundtrack producer.

Black Rock Revival: Mission Control                          Saturday November 5 @ 4:30 Studio on the Square
Follows the Memphis Rock group Black Rock Revival as they record their latest CD, Mission Control. The group discusses their journey putting the band together, overcoming the stigma of black rock musicians from past to present, and putting their stamp on rock music.

Beat Boxing: the Fifth Element of Hip-Hop            Sunday November 6 @12:20pm  Studio on the Square
Human Beatboxing has become a global phenomenon, which is organized and celebrated in the annual Beatbox Conventions and through Beatbox Competitions, that are being held in an increasing number of countries every year.This documentary aims at providing a full picture of this incredible art form starting with its genesis within Hip Hop Culture and continuing with its further developments and its use in various musical fields in several countries throughout the world.

Doc Shorts:

Blind Mississippi Morris               Saturday November 5 @1:30pm  Studio on the Square

Fanning the Fire              Saturday November 5 @1:30pm  Studio on the Square

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