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Carucage Records: Your New Favorite Label

May 3, 2012


 Carucage Records is Memphis’s new DIY label. Taylor Bryant, co-founder of Carucage Records, began working in promotion and production at a young age, especially when you consider that when the label originally launched he was completing his senior year at Christian Brothers High School. Alongside Taylor is his cousin, Cory Robinson, based out of St. Louis and close friend Zohayr Shirazee (guitarist/vocalist of Memphis’ own Adaje).  These guys run the label solely on their individual personal finances and of course with any profit that the label generates. When asking Zohayr about the label’s goals, he stated “our only goal really is to help bands that support themselves but don’t have the funds necessary to put out releases they want to put out. The key…is to only work with bands that can pull their own weight for multiple reasons. One, it makes it easier on us financially because it’s easier to make our money back that we’re putting into these releases. The fact is that none of us are millionaires and we can only do a certain number of releases at a time…Also, we constantly work with other labels for virtually every release we’ve done so far, so this further exposes us to different scenes and audiences, which is another goal of ours…The more exposure we have as a label, the more exposure the band can get”

Since the label’s beginning, Carucage Records has had a wide range of artists from practically every corner of America and the demand is so high for the guys at Carucage that submissions for 2012 are already filled up due to the “interest of not going broke”.  DIY ethics are firmly rooted in the label as most printing, recording, promotion, etc. is done by Carucage or close friends. Additionally, did we mention that most of the releases from the label are available for a digital download for free? Of course, there are other forms of release such as vinyl and cassette tapes, which yet again is another indication of the label’s DIY drive. This method of wearing their hearts on their sleeves is paying off, especially for Memphis’ own punk band Adaje as they recently played numerous gigs at Austin’s SXSW, have an upcoming release, and are going to be touring this summer. That being said check out the label’s upcoming releases and help support these guys and their desire to change and unite music of all forms spread throughout the country.

Recent Releases:

  • Louds? – Self-Titled Cassette Tape
  • Tubetops – Self-Titled EP Cassette Tape
  • Dads – Brush Your Teeth, Again 😉 EP Cassette Tape
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