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God, The Government And The Game

May 4, 2009

Teflon Don is on the rise. The Memphis rapper celebrated the release of his brand new CD God, The Government And The Game with his buddy (and former American Idol star) Nikko Smith a party Friday night at the Hard Rock on Beale. The album’s first single is Shorty So Fine (featuring Merse), and features a collaboration with multi-platinum artist T-Pain, Everybody Else.

If you haven’t heard yet, you will soon- maybe through a cell phone ringing. Teflon Don and his label, Soul Star Entertainment, just signed a new media/ringtone deal with the VIO Mobile that will allow him to share his talent via ring tones, call tones, mp3s, videos, and wallpapers with his fans, who can download the media to their cell phone for a small fee.

Don’t be the guy asking “What is that song everyone has as their rongtone?!” three months from now. Spare yourself the stupid looks and check on what Teflon Don is all about- You won’t want to miss out on one of the next faces of Memphis Hip-Hop.

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